Packing and Shipping

ION Corporation provides shipping of customer product using the best commercial practice available following ASTM D3951-10 Standard Practice for Commercial Packaging. Where required, ION follows MIL-STD-2073-1, usually Department of Defense customers. ION is also capable of shipping to customer specific requirements, including:

  • DOD Reusable Fast pack; XE8, XE9, XC5, XC6, XC7, etc
  • ESD packaging with desiccant and humidity indicators
  • ESD packaging with vacuum seal and dry nitrogen purge
  • Custom wood crating to MIL-STD-2073

ION uses the environmentally friendly Sealed Air Series 900 Foam-In-Place system to ensure cushioning and stability during transit of your valuable package. In addition,
ION is capable of adding 2D barcodes as well as RFID.

Nitrogen Purging

PurgingION has developed a robust and flexible system that allows nitrogen purging for highly-customized configurations and needs.



This includes:

  • Space flight cabling packaged in anti-static Mylar bagging
  • Electronics enclosures
  • Gas drying of instrumentation
  • Optics equipment
  • Equipment leak testing
  • Storage and shipping containers

Purging2ION  provides a nitrogen purging process to remove residual moisture from hygroscopic components in space flight cabling and electronic assemblies.

ION can provide purging services for in-house built assemblies, customers’ existing equipment, and can also log purging data from each purging event as needed for qualification and verification needs. Nitrogen is the primary medium used, but other gases also used in purging are air, argon, helium, and SF6.

More information

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